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Twin Metals Roofing Testimonials

I called 3 or 4 companies and interviewed personally 2 of them.

Tom Gordon, one of the owners of Twin Metals, did the estimate for me back in April 2015. He was very informative and helpful. I had originally wanted metal roofs, so it was very helpful to deal with a company that could provide either.

Tom provided estimates for both types of roofs, but metal roofs were too expensive for this project (rental houses). I asked Tom for “worst case scenario” pricing on the project (what if we had to replace the decking?) because I wanted to finance the project and I wanted to be sure I requested a large enough loan. (Twin Metals has a financing option that was quick, easy and carried a rate of 7.99% for 10 years at the time).

We had some weather delays but otherwise the project was on schedule. Tom’s crew arrived early one morning and had finished both houses by noon the following day. They cleaned up the site at the end of each day, paying special attention to the neighbor’s driveway which is very close to one of the houses. All of the crew were very friendly, polite and considerate, so it was a very pleasant experience. Tom stopped by several times to check on the work and the schedule.

I purchased GAF shingles guaranteed for 50 years. Twin Metals guarantees their workmanship for 15 years. We, like so many others, had ice dam problems last year, so I wanted Tom to pay particular attention to preventing a reoccurrence of that problem or at least to preventing leaks caused by ice dams. I believe that the plan he presented will do that. Of course, only time will tell, but I feel comfortable with Tom and Twin Metals.

As Tom had reassured me several times, the project did not require the replacement of decking. So, his worst-case estimate of $23, 500 reverted to his best estimate of $16, 000 all inclusive.

I was pleased with Twin Metals from start to finish. Tom was very responsive to my calls and my emails, and my many questions. He was on top of everything and what I expected would be a stressful project, from finding the right company to getting a reasonable estimate and financing, to the actual installation was very smooth and pleasant. I can’t thank Tom enough for his help and his professionalism. I would gladly recommend Twin Metals (and have twice already) and would use them again for a new roofing project.

Katherine Marks

The Church sustained substantial water damage in the winter of 2015 due to numerous ice dams. 11 rooms were damaged, and the roof was at the end of its life span. Water was pouring into the church and we were in a crisis. We interviewed 5 roofers and were not happy with any of them. I looked on Angie’s List and found Twin Metals. Bob immediately assured us Twin Metals was the right company for the job. He was right! This was a major job, as the roof is 15,800 sq. ft. They were very responsive and were on top of everything!  This is a well-run company and every employee was professional and competent. The roof looks amazing! I can’t say enough good things about Twin Metals! We now have a roof that will last for generations! I would highly recommend them!

Description of work: Removed 2 layers asphalt shingles from the old roof and replace it with high temp ice and water shield and a standing seam metal roof.

Ed Merrill

Better than we expected! Was able to schedule quickly and get the job done quickly even with a few additional things needing to be done. Tom did a walk through after the job was completed to answer any other questions we had. Would certainly recommend Twin Metals for any roofing job!

Description of work: Stripped and re-shingled roof on our new home

BBA Inc.

Very professional job and responsive service from the initial call to follow up on a small downspout issue after the work was done. Tom Gordon was a pleasure to deal with. His crew was on time and very quick. Neighbors who were around the day of the work commented on the efficiency of the crew. Clean up was thorough.

Description of work: Stripped old roof and installed new roof

William Maddix